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*This site is dedicated to those who are searching for the truth of God and want to hold fast to the restored doctrines that God gave us through the teachings of His end time apostle Herbert W. Armstrong. We keep God's seventh day Sabbath and all of God's Holy Days. To get access to the Online sabbath service information and our audio archive please register with this website. Once your registration is accepted you will have full access to this website. This website is to be used as a study tool for Gods people, so if you have any questions or comments or are interested in Sabbath and Holy Day church services please contact us


Herbert W. Armstrong Material

This section of this website is meant to be used for educational purposes and for individual bible study. Here you will find Herbert W. Armstrong The World Tomorrow radio and television broadcast, The Plain Truth and The Good News magazines and various booklets.

(All telephone numbers and addresses mentioned on these broadcasts are no longer valid, the material and literature that is offered can be found within this website.) In accordance with THE BIBLE, all of the material within this website is freely distributed:..."The word of God is not bound!" (II Timothy 2:9)  Any use of the material is made available for non-profit educational purposes only, restricted to those in not for profit instruction, research, or education purposes, Title 17, Ch. 1, Section 107 of United States Copyright Law states that such FAIR USE - is not an infringement of copyright. Section 108 also sites such uses and guidelines for Library/Archives. (Read entire statement here)


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Statement Of Beliefs

1.) We believe the Bible to be the inspired Word of God. (2 TIM. 3:16)

2.) We believe that we must live by every word of God. (MATT. 4:4)

3.) We believe in repentance, baptism and receiving God’s Spirit are the prerequisites 

     to becoming a member of God’s Church (ACTS 2:38)

4.) We believe at this end time that we must follow the teachings shown to us in The 

     Bible by the end-time apostle of God’s Church during the Philadelphia Era of the         

     church. (REV. 3:7-13)

5.) We believe that the true gospel of the Kingdom of God should go to the world as a 

     witness. (MATT. 24:14) b) We believe those God is calling who believe the gospel are 

     the ones who are being saved. (ROM.5:10) c) We believe that the Church is the 

     little flock God is calling in this age. (LUKE 12:32)

6.) We believe that we must help all truly converted Christians that are to be the sons 

     of God (ROM. 8:14) to prepare themselves for the Kingdom of God (MATT. 6:33)

7.) We believe we are to love our brothers and sisters, not judge them. (MATT. 7:1)

8.) We believe we must glorify God the Father and Jesus Christ and to never glorify  

     any leader in the church. (1 PET. 2:12)

9.) We believe we must feed the sheep. (JOHN 21:17)

10.) We believe that the key to understanding prophecy is the identity of modern Israel 

      at the end time and that the promises of both race and grace have come through 

     the line of Israel. (GEN. 49:1-28)

11.) We believe that the Church of God should follow Christ’s example, becoming more 

     like Him and that through Christ’s sacrifice we can be forgiven of our sins. (MATT. 



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